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W Ketchup has closed its doors and its delicious ketchup is now but a memory.

Why did W Ketchup Close?

For more than a decade W Ketchup defended the liberty of Americans to buy delicious ketchup not owned and controlled by left-wing agitators and oligarchs. All games must end, however; we depart to prepare for the conflict to come, the greatest battle that our nation will ever face—when the credit bubble upon which big business, big academia, and big government draw their sustenance pops, they will defend their nefarious privileges by force; they will raid our bank deposits and give us worthless IOUs instead; they will impose price controls and capital controls and martial law; they will take our liberty; and they will tell us it is for our own good; they will say they are saving us from ourselves.

Most Congressmen are too ignorant, too stupid, or too venal to resist. The march toward fascism that began under Franklin Roosevelt speeds to a gallop, yet they pay no heed, their private graft raised above the public good. Observe: here comes Hillary Clinton, the Wall Street candidate, who used her office to extort billions into her slush fund masquerading as a charity, ready to seize plenary power; and there is John Roberts, who will give it to her, having flagrantly violated his oath to defend the Constitution by vesting the federal government with boundless power. Listen: a chorus of oligarchs, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Lloyd Blankfein tell us this is capitalism, with all its ugly but necessary flaws, the price of progress. It is not capitalism. It is corporatism. It is tyranny. Its proper name is fascism.

And who will defend us? The Republican leadership bows to its corporate masters, made rich not by serving the mass of consumers but through political machinations and exploitation of an artificial credit raised to heights unknown to history. They consent to big government as long as big business benefits. Libertarians, the opposition within the party, who understand the domestic enemy, would leave us defenseless against the foreign, disarmed by the naive and dangerous view that a barbarous foe that has been steadily encroaching upon civilization for fifteen hundred years can be placated by ignoring it.

The enemies are inside the gates—and what gates there were are thrown down by traitors within our midst, by Obama. The time draws nigh when all men will be called upon to decide whether to stand with our founding fathers by risking their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to preserve the delicate flower that is liberty or whether to slink back to that darkness Christ met, when the whole world lay in bondage, when man’s only purpose was to serve Caesar.

This is the challenge our birthright and our duty compel us to meet. It is for this terrible calling that we take leave of W Ketchup.

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